Identity System, Logo, Color Palette, Typography, Illustration, Art Direction, Collateral Design, Brand Guidelines
Art Direction + Graphic Design: Kat Gibbs & Liberty Carlin
Agency: STAV Creative

Inspired by the high-desert feel of Marfa and the laid-back coastal lifestyle of Malibu, Maaribu offers Home Decor and Cafe goods that are both unique and delightful for all of the senses. 
During our time at STAV Creative, Liberty and I were tasked with the branding and complete identity design of Maaribu. This included creating a unique set of logos, pattern designs, packaging designs, and establishing a unique Art Direction. Along with this, we created and designed an 80+ page brand manual that housed extensive visual standards for Maaribu’s social media, uniform style guide, paper selection, art curation, and much more.

The Inspiration
To foster Maaribu’s vision of “unique delights”, we focused on the idea of tactility—beautiful things that we can experience through taste, sight, smell, and touch. We found inspiration in the landscapes, textiles, fashion, and textures of Marfa, and combined this feeling with the ease and comfort of Malibu. You’ll see inspiration pulled from dusty hues of color, deckled edges of paper, and small unexpected samples of writing that tell their own story.

Above and below are examples of how the branding process starts—with mood boards. Liberty and I created various versions of "moods". Each played with its own set of colors, textures, and senses. Above is the final mood, which was later updated with the brand colors we selected for Maaribu.
The Logo
As a callback to classically handcrafted goods, the Primary Logo is a hand-drawn variation of an existing typeface. We scanned this imperfect hand-drawn sketch over and over until it felt like an approachable logo—something you felt confident enough to reach out and touch.

The Burro
A surprise addition to the logo suite was the hand-drawn Burro. Collectively, we loved the idea of a memorable mascot for Maaribu that could appear in small but unique places. I illustrated and affectionately named him the “Maariburro”. He is given a place in packaging, business cards, and other small spots that are intended to act as a surprise delight for the audience. 
Below are some of my original sketches, which I later simplified to a final logo form. 

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