Identity System, Logo, Color Palette, Typography, Illustration, Art Direction, Collateral Design, Brand Guidelines
Photography by Lance Basset + Harding Brown
Set in the coastal plains of Homer, Alaska, Emerald Air Service leads guests on guided adventures to view Coastal Brown Bears in their natural habitat. Founded in 1991 by naturalist Chris Day, the company seeks to educate, protect, and foster love and respect for Alaska's native Coastal Brown Bear.
As an avid lover and enthusiast of bears, I was entrusted with the re-branding and identity design of Emerald Air ServiceWhat truly resonated with me about this project was the company's unwavering commitment to conservation. They go above and beyond to raise awareness and promote the importance of preserving the bear's habitat and ecosystem. This aligns perfectly with my personal beliefs and deep passion for bears and their well-being. Being able to contribute my design work to a company that actively works towards conserving these magnificent creatures was both an honor and a privilege.
I am incredibly proud of the final result—a brand identity that breathes new life into a well-established company, rejuvenating its presence and evoking a sense of wonder and reverence for the Coastal Brown Bear. The redesigned brand now serves as a powerful tool to amplify their message and attract like-minded individuals who share their dedication to conservation.​​​​​​​
I designed a logo family (below) to ensure versatility and adaptability, allowing Emerald Air Service to effectively communicate its message across various mediums, from digital platforms to merchandise, while maintaining a consistent and cohesive brand identity.
Throughout the project, my main objective was to capture the spirit and essence of the Katmai Peninsula while infusing the brand with a sense of adventure, curiosity, expertise, and environmental responsibility. By incorporating elements inspired by the wilderness and the bear's natural habitat, I aimed to create a visual identity that would not only captivate the target audience but also communicate the company's core values of conservation and sustainable tourism.
My existing passion for bears proved immensely helpful during the mood board process as it provided me with a deep understanding of the subject matter. I was able to grab accurate color samples, textures, and reliable images that helped me gain the trust of the client.
 It is worth noting that amidst a sea of opportunistic ventures seeking quick profits, Emerald Air Service stands tall as a trusted authority in their field. Established and respected, they embody a dedication to the Coastal Brown Bear that sets them apart. Their unwavering commitment to ethical practices and genuine love for bears and their habitat shines through every aspect of their operations. I experienced this firsthand on my own adventure with them to the Katmai Bush.

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