Layout Design,  Web Design, Logo, Art Direction
Creative Direction: Noe Perez
Art Direction: Kat Gibbs
Designers: Kat Gibbs, Reid Munkres, Brandon Villarreal
District 10 American Advertising Federation Silver Award; Public Service
American Advertising Federation:  Austin AAF: Silver Award: Public Service Campaign
We were tasked with transforming over 200 pages of data-driven research into visually engaging and digestible content for Texans across the state. Led by Creative Director, Noe Perez, I was tasked with the Art Direction and layout design of "The Threads of Texas".
From the website:
The “Threads of Texas'' is a year-long project launched by More in Common in 2020 to understand the story of change within Texas through the identification of main points of division, areas of shared values, and through a new framework to understand Texans beyond the traditional scope of demographics. 

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